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A leading company in the field of make-up and cosmetics looking for a female marketing manager in the field of international beauty and cosmetics brands at least 5 years of experience in the same field in Kuwait

Functional tasks

1- Learn about all that is new in the field of makeup and cosmetics globally and discuss ways to apply it within the company

2- Setting the marketing objectives of the organization, and seeking to implement them to ensure the achievement of profits.

3- Develop appropriate plans for all activities related to the promotion of the organization's products. Implementation of marketing plans, with the need to develop them in a way that preserves the establishment's prestigious status, as well as enhances its competitiveness.

4- Follow up and monitor all marketing activities, in order to minimize errors and correct deviations.

5-Follow-up advertising programs for marketing, assess the degree of their response, and thereby identify their shortcomings and weaknesses, while ensuring that they are addressed and resolved.

6-Pre-pricing strategies are conducted by developing the best possible strategy for the highest profitability.

6- Making various agreements, especially with advertising agencies, in order to implement advertising campaigns.

7-Seek the best

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